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Gary does one hour private psychic readings by appointment over the phone where he calls you back at your appointment time.

Gary also does one hour private psychic readings by appointment in person when he is in Minneapolis as he travels all over America doing live shows and seminars on a regular basis.

Gary is one of the top Psychics, Mediums, Healers, and Spiritual teachers in the world. Gary is Psychic which means he can answer all of your questions pertaining to your job, career, business, love life, health, money, family, friends or any topic you may have. Gary is a medium which means he can channel and communicate with any of your loved ones that may have passed away and you will know when he is talking to your loved one because he gives specific names, dates, and details only you and that person would know. Gary is a Medical Intuitive/Spiritual Healer. He can see your health and do healings, which means he can tell you any problem you may be having medically as well as to show you how to obtain the ability to physically heal the problem. Gary can get rid of any bad energy such as traumas, depression, anxiety or any negative energy blocks you may have. When he gets rid of the energy blocks it let's your own natural energy flow again and you feel like you are being charged up with life again. Gary is also a Spiritual teacher as he travels all over the world teaching. He can teach you how to get in touch with God your angels so they can help guide you through life. Gary was born Psychic and has been reading professionally for 25 years.

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